Systematic Services Offering Guaranteed Results

It’s industry-standard processes that get the job done. But it’s a passion for the job that makes everything go perfectly. Smooth, streamlined, and systematic results. Everything is a process and we’re here to construct a process that works for you.


Responsible IT Asset Disposition

There’s a right way to do everything. Recouping the investment you made into your old equipment starts with contacting the right team. By streamlining the overall process of ecologically responsible IT asset disposition, we’ll minimize costs for you while maximizing your return. Protecting your data & brand integrity is at the core of our operating philosophy. Here are the ways we can help you.

  • Enterprise-level IT Asset Disposition systems
  • Remarketing your IT assets
  • Systematic & documented data destruction
  • Responsible recycling of E-Waste

We understand that the needs of businesses everywhere are always unique. That’s why we’ll work with most customers to develop a plan that serves your interests.


Market-Leading Data Center Decommissioning

How often do you go through a technology shift within your organization? Whether you operate in the cloud or from within in-house servers, we can help decommission those machines while protecting your data. We’ve worked with data centers shifting to the cloud while also providing secure data destruction services to other clients. Some of the data center projects we take on are:

  • Staged decommissioning of older racks & equipment
  • Decommissioning of corporate data center shutdowns
  • Rapid on-premise data destruction services including bulk hard drive shedding
  • Resale & recycling parts & racks

When you need an on-site or off-site team to help destroy your data, we’ll be standing ready. Getting your equipment pulled, removed, tagged, processed, and shipped is what we do best.


Layered Data Security

Getting rid of your old equipment takes a plan of action. You want to have confidence that your information & data is safely secured and under supervision throughout the entire process. That’s exactly what we’ll bring to the table. Uncompromising security standards that can’t be beaten.

  • Secure chain of custody
  • On-site data demolishing
  • Secure off-site asset disposition
  • Minimizing expenses with agile logistics


Doing The Right Thing

Investing in secure IT Asset Disposition is more about playing your part, however, it’s also more than just doing the right thing. Recouping Capital by remarketing devices never hurts the bottom line. We’ll add value by making sustainable business practices profitable. You may not have realized it but, there are some things that can happen when you decide on the quick option.

  • You can fail to receive the true value for your old machines.
  • Server data can be relocated to emerging nations
  • Harmful materials from irresponsible recycling can damage humans & environmental ecosystems
  • Improper data destruction can pollute landfills

Let’s schedule a time to discuss how you can do the right thing.

Stay Compliant

Strict data security is often a compliance issue. Don’t fall into the trap of neglect. Stay protected and keep your data secure

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