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Protecting the integrity of your intellectual property & data comes from advanced procedures that are continually being improved. By taking an end-to-end approach, we’ll make sure you find exactly what you need. Don’t risk the future of your organization by improperly decommissioning your IT hardware. You need an IT asset conversion service to guide you through the safe & protected strategies for IT asset disposition. Let’s get started!

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Having the proper framework in place will make IT asset disposition an extremely simple process. Contact us to learn how you can leverage simplicity.

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Data Center Decommissioning

Our team of IT experts enables us to deliver powerful services for even the largest of projects. It doesn’t matter where you are in North America, we’ll get a team out to take your project to completion.

IT Asset Disposition

Whether it’s certified data destruction or R2 environmentally responsible electronics, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced team is capable of uninstalling servers, wiring, and even cleaning up. By having the capacity to test, remarket, and ship out recycled IT assets, we ensure your devices are not wasted. We work with all types of IT hardware. PCs, Laptops, cell phones, commercial phone systems, networking and switching, printers, POS, tablets, and much more.

Data Security

Protecting your data is our priority. This involves a process where each step in the chain is logged and recorded. After getting your equipment back to our facility, we’ll begin data sanitization or physical hard drive destruction. We will also provide your company certificates of data destruction/sanitization.

Buying/Selling IT Hardware

We know how difficult it can be to find the right hardware solution for your team. Let’s help you find the path of least resistance while maximizing your ROIs. Our team will meticulously test, grade , and maximize return on each piece of hardware that you no longer need.

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Stay Compliant

Strict data security is often a compliance issue. Don’t fall into the trap of neglect. Stay protected and keep your data secure

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