Businesses have adopted many electronic devices to automate and streamline their business processes due to the explosion of information technology. These products should be recycled after their useful lives are up. This is in compliance with all applicable laws regarding recycling e-waste. redbud IT Solutions partners local  companies to provide compliant IT disposal and e-recycling for end-of-life electronic devices. Our responsible recycling of electronic waste is reinforced by our worldwide network of certified recycling centers. Transparency is key to tracking, recycling and how hazardous materials are disposed.

Redbud IT Solutions has the expertise to ensure the following:

  • You can be sure that your IT assets and electronic waste are treated in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Compliance risks are eliminated
  • Your data is destroyed when equipment is recycled with digital data. For data bearing equipment, please see the details below.
  •   Our corporate recycling services are available to large and small businesses as well as government agencies, schools, and medical facilities. Our team is capable of handling any e-waste job, regardless of its size. We accept all types of IT equipment. This includes computers, notebooks and servers as well as memory and motherboards. All technology products can be reused, recycled or refurbished in a safe and responsible manner. if your equipment is being repurposed, refurbished or recycled you can be sure that our data wiping processes and hard drive shredding procedures comply with all HIPAA guidelines.

Stay Compliant

Strict data security is often a compliance issue. Don’t fall into the trap of neglect. Stay protected and keep your data secure

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